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Yet another recruitment e-mail for a “payment processing” position.  Aside from the obvious money order business, the message looks as if it had been haphazardly recycled by replacing the company name with “Our Organization”, and the link obfuscated with a shortener.  The link winds up on a phishing form for a self-claimed financial service firm called “Kuester gmbh”; in fact, their Privacy Policy page declares straight-up that they’re collecting passwords and personal information, as opposed to protecting and encrypting the data which a legitimate firm would make clear.  The website actually looks passably professional despite the speckle of odd wording and punctuation here and there.  Quite notably suspicious is the copyright for 2006 — a domain lookup reveals that the website has only been around since September 6, 2010, just a fresh few weeks old.  Due to the nature of the website,  I recommend leaving the link alone;  if you must see for yourself, use an anonymous open proxy such as  Received at 08:34 Central Time on September 21, 2010.

2010/9/21 <>

Dear Sam,
Our Organization is a payment processor with services designed for international small companies. Continue reading

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Job Vacancy

A rather peculiarly worded offer sent to my friend Caroline.  Despite making close to no sense at all, the text appears to actually be a derivation of an extremely long e-mail previously used by Zone Trade LTD for scamployment recruiting — I suppose they had to shorten their message to sneak by Gmail after their website got shut down.  Nevertheless, I especially like the broken HTML at the end.  Received by Caroline at 16:33 Central Time on September 4, 2010.

2010/9/4 Richard Silentman <>

My name is Richard Silentman

I am a personnel manager

We invite you to work in our company Continue reading

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Great Career Opportunity available with us!

A “recruitment” e-mail from a “potential employer” doing resume searches on CareerBuilder.  Despite claiming to be “well-known and respected… all over the world”, this Quartzite Group Company gets no love from Google.  The Gmail address and mention of payment processing both reek of shadiness; true enough, this “offer” seems to be from the same crooks who have also used labels such as MoneyPlat Group, Certe Group LLC, and about fifty other names, but with the exact same e-mail body otherwise.  Received at 10:35 Central Time, on September 2, 2010.

2010/9/2 Keyona Griffin <>

Dear Sam H,

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Keyona Griffin and I represent Quartzite Group  Company. Continue reading

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Job for Sam H

An unsolicited offer that appeared in my inbox not once, but twice.  Each had its own flavor of grammatic boo-boos and quirky word selections, complete with a magical Hotmail address.  A Google search revealed that this canned e-mail has been floating around for quite a while, and the grammar has actually shown great improvement since its first incarnation.  First e-mail received at 08:17 Central Time on August 17, 2010; second copy received at 09:50 Central Time on August 18, 2010.

2010/8/17 Aidan Barrera <>

Dear, Sam H


Our company is deslighted to offer you the office of Mystery Shopper in ZEOXmark LLC after coming across on your resume at CareerBuilder online. Continue reading

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Re: Receptionist Wanted @12.50/Hr

An unnecessarily long response e-mail to a request for more information regarding a receptionist position with an hourly rate — which seems to have magically mutated into a personal assistant position with a weekly rate.  The foundation doesn’t exist according to Google, and the first few possible matches have Karls that have nothing to do with Canada.  Also, nowhere on my initial e-mail did I mention my present location, which makes some assumptions on the response e-mail suspect.  Congratulations for having better grammar than most, Mrs. Williams/Mark Smith, but your company e-mail from what might as well be the AOL of India adds to the already bad reputation which that ISP already has on a Google search.  Received at 23:06 Central Time, on August 24, 2010.

2010/8/24 Mark Smith <>

Karls Children’s Foundation
150 Tunney’s Pasture Driveway
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0T6


POSITION: Personal ASSISTANT Continue reading

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Re: Resume (Shawna/Debrah Hendry/Mrs. Stevenson)

An explicit identify theft request with a shady web link from a victim of multiple identity disorder.  I had trouble putting you on an IC3 form since your name is so complex and multi-faceted, Mrs. Shawna Debrah Hendry Stevenson.  What country should I report you to, since your mailbox timezone is set to GMT -03:00?  Initial e-mail received at 18:51 Central Time, on August 18, 2010; second e-mail received at 12:40 Central Time, on August 19, 2010.

2010/8/19 Debrah Hendry <>

Thank you, Sam, for responding to the position in our building. We would like you to come to our office early next week and fill out our hiring packet. Continue reading
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Re: Resume (Kim)

A short, unprofessional, and very uninformative response.  Who do you work for?  Where am I to visit?  The reply-to field had a different address — ““.  A quick Google search suggested ““, which turned up nearly identical e-mails to Austin, TX and Rochester, NY, of which neither I reside in.  Received at 11:11 Central Time, on August 19, 2010.

2010/8/19 Kim <>

We are looking for someone to come in next friday before the end of next week. I know this is short notice, so is this in anyway possible for you? Let me know if you can, and thank you!!

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